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Why Book Anything Vegan Speakers/ Authors/ Health and Wellness Leaders? For Inspired, Lasting Results!

The chef sister team of Anything Vegan are inspiring, informative and dynamic speakers whose primary mission is to EMPOWER individuals and organizations by sharing the skills they need to SUCCESSFULLY take their life from wherever they are to where they REALLY want to be.

The CEOs use their keen sense of humor and personal life experiences to CHANGE lives with PASSION, PRODUCTIVITY and PERSEVERANCE. Marji is a Certified Coach and Toastmaster Speaker. Jasmine is a Teacher and Licenced Health Trainer. Together they help others reach their winning potential through motivational speaking, vegetarian/ vegan culinary workshops, inspired writing, and delicious food transition coaching.

Jasmine and Marji are AVAILABLE TO SPEAK at: Conventions, schools, conferences, meetings, book clubs, workshops, churches, radio and television.

Contact us at EAT@AnythingVegan.com for Free Rate Quotes for your event today!