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O’ SO Cheesy™

Nut Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free Source of Calcium and Protein

Reward yourself with a silky-smooth savory taste sensation. Perfect on a cracker, on sandwiches and even over salads. Perfect for Mac n Cheese, Lasagna, and all cheesy recipes. Eat it hot or cold, and rest assured that you will enjoy the delight of cheesy goodness forever.

There is a 3 jar minimum order, but you can mix and match flavors.

 Better than Cheddar


Spicy Smoke Red Pepper


7-Herbs & Garlic



AV Wellness Coaching – $99

phoneYour personalized consultation package includes:

  • Confidential Wellness Analysis (value: $50)
  • 30 min 1-on-1 Personalized Wellness Coach via phone (value $75)
  • 15-page Total Wellness Guide: Secret Keys to Optimal Health (value: $15)
  • 7- Day Delicious EZ Vegan Recipe Guide (value: $15)
  • For a limited time only: A Complementary Follow-Up Assessment (value: $50)

That’s over $200 worth of personalized wellness coaching for just $99! Sign up now to move into greater health, energy, vitality while eating delicious food!

Packages available beginning January 1, 2014

JuicePowerProperly used, pure fruit and vegetable juices can be an important part of restoring and maintaining health. Juicing is a quick, relatively easy way to get a tasty nutritional boost, and a good way to get finicky youngsters the nutrition they need. This great collection of recipes can help boost energy, elevate your mood, increase stamina, relax nerves, improve memory, and make children smile! All of these recipes are dairy-free, but do use either bee pollen or honey in a few recipes.

ISBN: 9781570671685

Price: $9.95

Page Count: 128

Publisher: Book Publishing Co.

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Diabetes Transition Package – $25


Pre-diabetic? Have Type-2 diabetes? Still perfectly healthy and want to stay that way? If you answered YES to any of these questions, this book is for you! Take the 21 Days to Freedom by Eating Delicious Plant-Based Meals

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How To Create An Amazing Very Merry Vegan Holiday Meal [Kindle Edition]

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Quick Start to Vegan Living Program – $99


Let us Veganize your recipes vegan style while keeping the taste you love! Get 20 of your personal childhood favorites meals, your kids yummy treats, and the foods you love transformed by the Anything Vegan chef team. Email us your 20 recipes and you will receive a PDF of all 20 delicious veganized recipes, 5 as cooking videos, and a Go Vegan Shopping Guide for all of your special meals! This package is designed to empower you to become an inspired vegan chef too! Anything You Can Make, I Can Make Vegan!

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Personal Chef Services Inquiry:
E-Mail eat@AnythingVegan.com for more information.