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2 Jars of ‘7-Herbs & Garlic’ Everything Sauce For Everybody


Nut Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free Source of Calcium and Protein

Reward yourself with a silky-smooth savory taste sensation. Perfect on a cracker, on sandwiches and even over salads. Perfect for Mac n Cheese, Lasagna, and all savory recipes. Eat it hot or cold, and rest assured that you will enjoy the delight of cheesy goodness forever.

There is a 2 jar minimum order, but you can mix and match flavors.


This Award Winning Everything Sauce is EVERYTHING! Finally, a ready-to-eat plant-based condiment replacer that will please even the most opinionated palate. Both flavors of the Everything Sauce have a profoundly delicious great taste and are truly one of a kind. 
                                        ABOUT THIS FLAVOR: 
Bursting with full flavors of fresh savory herbs.  Think- the intense  Italian flavors of Italy meets 100% plant-based and healthy. This flavors pairs well will almost any savory dish. If it didn’t say “contains no unnatural preservatives, no trans fat, is low in sodium and is gluten, soy, dairy and nut free” on the label you wouldn’t know that it was such a clean sauce in the package. Contains: Coconut!
                                         PAIRING THIS FLAVOR: 
Thousands have enjoyed this mouthwatering EVERYTHING SAUCE all over the country on their braised proteins, veggies, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, pizzas, grains, crackers, salads AND MORE! Add your EVERYTHING SAUCE to nearly any dish and taste the bursts of flavor.  Want to elevate bland vegetables and inspire your family to go nuts over your main and  side dishes such as beans, broccoli, roasted potatoes or rice?  just stir in Everything Sauce For Everybody!
This AMAZING PRODUCT has gained award winning status.  Everything Sauce is uniquely distinct with the perfect blend of natural ingredients and carefully selected spices-no assembly required, no more doctoring up the sauce. Over the years food and flavors change, diets change. This  new line of healthy and insatiably delicious sauces responds to customer demands.  We named the sauces “Everything Sauces For Everybody” because these sauces inspire all, they  rescue dishes, reduce cooking time and transform nearly any meal from bland to bold.  Everything Sauces For Everybody are a life-saver for all! Get Saucy Today!
                                                 HOW TO USE:
2.  This is a FRESH product, so it DO NOT require extensive heat!
3. If you are cooking pasta (or a dish that requires more than 5 minutes of high heat), fully cook your pasta and while it is hot remove from heat source and gently stir in the sauce. Optional: Incrementally add in liquid such as original flavor plant-milk or olive oil for an even creamier dish!
                                             OTHER WAYS TO USE: 
*Marinate: Lightly coat you food with Everything Sauce, then cook as desired
*Grill:  Grill your items after fully cooked smother in Everything Sauce
*Finish:  Once your dish is fully cooked atop with Everything Sauce
*Dip:  Use as a dip for your fresh veggies & for anything else that tantalizes your taste buds!
There is a 2 jar minimum order, but you can mix and match flavors.


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