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Leaps In Vegan Eating™

Coaching Programs

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“Helping You Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be With Your Healthier Eating Lifestyle!”

Whether you are just getting curious about your food journey, a vegetarian, or a long-term vegan, Anything Vegan coaches believe having expert support on your food journey will accelerate your success.

The Power of the LIVE!® Transition Principles

It doesn’t matter if your goals are to reduce unhealthy foods and increase healthy foods in your eating lifestyle, become a vegetarian, move into veganism, lose weight, get healthier, create more energy — the principles and strategies are the same, but they must be applied!

With the structure of our program and the support of your expert Anything Vegan Coach, you will learn to apply these powerful

LIVE!® Transition Principles so you can:

  • Discover and define your LIVE! Purpose statement to become clear on your eating lifestyle objectives
  • Understand the power of the vegan lifestyle goal achievement process and how you can turns your healthy lifestyle dreams into the healthiest you.
  • Establish a compelling vision and blueprint for the success in the 7 key areas of your life.
  • Create powerful personal affirmations that will change your life.
  • Learn to implement the 7 keys of effective meal planning to save you time, energy and money at the grocery store with your personal food management system.
  • Learn how to take full advantage of limitless vegan foods so you can turn your family dinners, evening social events, and everyday meals into delicious gourmet creations.
  • Tap into the liberating power of healthy food and health knowledge to make the best choices easily, even when eating out.
  • Develop sustainable practices and methods that you can implement throughout your lifetime for ongoing transition success.


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  3. GREAT NEWS! Want Personal one-on-one Nutritional Consultations with an Anything Vegan Coach? Choose the SOAR! or PEAK! Program
We will help you determine which program is right for you – here are the details:

1 Month

 EZ START! Program:

  • 4 EZ Vegan Transition Recipe Videos (1 new per week);
  • LIVE! Transition Principles Resource Guide so you will become completely clear on how the determine the success of your transition to a healthier lifestyle;
  • AND our Family First Recipes e-book to cook with vegan foods you and your family will love  – a full week of meals!
  • Note:  With this program you will be able to build your lifestyle library quickly because you will receive all your videos and recipes at the same time!

2 Month Fast Track

LEAP! Program:

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the 1 month EZ Start! program plus:
  • ‘From Label to Table’ E-Guide: You will learn how to decipher the language of food labels so that you can assure you are eating your healthiest.
  • Juice-o-logy: 4 juicing online video lessons to energize your day
  • AND your very own copy of AV’s Juice Power for the Thirsty Soul juice book (Amazon/Borders highest consumer rating)

3 Month Customized

SOAR! Program:

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the LEAP! Program PLUS
  • Anything Vegan’s mouth-watering cookbook Anything You Can Make, I Can Make Vegan;
  • MOVE FORWARD! Monthly One-On-One Nutritional Consultations (3 total) with an AV Coach: Discuss your goals, create your viable action plan and get the answers you need to MOVE FORWARD! Anything Vegan coaching sessions providing focused attention in vegan training, challenges and culinary development which will guide and support you to truly manifesting clear healthy-eating lifestyle results.
  • Professional Vegan Shopping E-Cards that will make it easy to keep a well-stocked vegan pantry so you can whip up a variety of healthy and satisfying meals at any time;
  • AV e-Journal to track patterns, trends and improvement and growth over time so you can celebrate your successes;

6 month Platinum Partner

PEAK! Program:

  • Includes EVERYTHING in the SOAR! 3 month program PLUS
  • Hard Body personalized body composition test so you can track your progress;
  • Visions Detailed Personalized Plan for your long–term healthy lifestyle goals for sustained success;
  • MOVE FORWARD! Monthly One-On-One Nutritional Consultations (6 total);
  • Your Vegan Chef – 1 personalized video with step-by-step instructions for veganizing your favorite meal with your individualized health needs in mind (that’s right – you send us your favorite recipe and a professional Anything Vegan chef will work for you;


  • access to our bi-weekly life-changing LIVE! Innovative Lectures and online materials that focus on nutrition topics, physical training, and personal development. Here’s a taste of what these amazing LIVE! Lectures include:
  • The science of nutrition and how to optimize your digestive systems function
  • Super foods that will boost your health and make you feel your best
  • How dietary guidelines and food politics impact our food choices
  • The connection between food and our emotions to optimize our emotional well-being
  • How to eliminate food sensitivities
  • Raw food and living foods lifestyles
  • Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophies
  • … And much more!

Anything Vegan coaches are here to provide you the personal support, objectivity and constructive feedback that you need to achieve success. Need Help Choosing which LIVE!® Program is right for you in helping you achieve your goals? Call us at: 315-VEGANS-2 or Email us (include your phone number) at eat@anythingvegan.com and one AV’s team members will be glad to assist you.

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