Marjorie; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

Marjorie; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

In addition to being a wife, mother and attorney Marji is Co-owner of “Anything Vegan” with her sister Jasmine. The dynamic duo or the “Anything Vegan Girls” as they are affectionately known are currently co-authoring their next book and manufacturing and producing their nut-free, vegan cheese O’So Cheesy.  It comes in three flavors and is on track for greatness!


More about Marji & Her Passion for Cooking

Marji Simon-Meinefeld is the expert in connecting people with their healthiest, happiest self through delicious plant-based eating. She uses her experience as a certified life coach to help people overcome mindset issues, as a chef to create delicious plant-based vegan meals in flavors they already know and love, and as a Toastmasters International trained motivational speaker to inspire people to enjoy the journey while creating their ideal life.

Before creating Anything Vegan, a dynamic plant-based healthy eating company, with her sister Jasmine, Marji spoke in one of the most demanding stages in the world. She practiced law as an Army Soldier and an Air Force Airman. In military courts, her speaking skills effectively convinced juries. Her compassion coupled with her sharp analytical skills persuade clients to take action. Her unique experiences reconnected with her life’s purpose in 2012.

There are two things Marji’s done naturally since age 12 and life experiences inspired her to become the expert –

  1. Cooking creatively. She inspires people to courageously live a healthy, balanced life. After surviving a triple devastation losing her job, the love of her life, and her health all at once, she began studying, reading and listening to everything on health, nutrition and culinary arts. Applying this amazing knowledge, her sister, a long-time vegan, and she healed her body, avoiding surgery. Marji then became certified in plant-based nutrition with Cornell University, and studied with chefs in DC and through Escoffier Culinary Academy. She shares her decade of experience in how to create meals your family already loves in healthier, delicious, plant-based ways.

  2. Helping people to connect with their true life purpose. Strangers, family and friends alike instinctively trust her. She knows how to see unrealized possibilities in their lives, and to present these ideas so they want to pursue their dreams. She LOVES seeing the light of hope in the faces of countless people she helps. Her certified training as a life coach connects with her experience in courtroom speaking to make her a dynamic, effective presenter.

“Anything You Can Make, I Can Make Vegan” is not just a slogan, it’s her mission. She loves great tasting food, and discovered that eating healthy does not mean giving up the flavors you enjoy. It means using the AV culinary transition coaching to transition into your healthiest, yummiest, meals ever. From the stage, Marji shares the small, simple steps to transition to plant-based eating.

Want to know the biggest surprise Marji discovered on this journey? A healthy, plant-based life positively affects other areas of our life! She also shares how to apply the system they created for plant-based eating transitioning to other areas in life – love/relationships, wealth/finances and work/business. Marji now has a new love, her husband Marcus. He’s an amazing stepdad to their happy daughters. Marji’s healed body has increased her energy and clarity. She is growing Anything Vegan with her sister into a company that truly makes a difference. Her understanding of money has increased and so has her wealth.  She often exclaims “I love my life”! And it’s all because she knows what to do to rediscover your life purpose, and how to systematically create the life desired.

Enjoy the Anything Vegan videos, e-books, cheeses, and programs. Check out the amazing videos on their ‘Anything Vegan Network’ YouTube Channel: AnythingVeganNetwork  Sign up at for free ezines, webinars and e-books. Be the first to find out about the Anything Vegan Girls’ speaking engagements as they become available. Soon you too will shout “Anything You Can Make, I Can Make Vegan”!