Marjorie; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

Marjorie; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

In addition to being a wife, mother and attorney Marji is Co-owner of “Anything Vegan” with her sister Jasmine. The dynamic duo or the “Anything Vegan Girls” as they are affectionately known are currently co-authoring their next book and manufacturing and producing their nut-free, vegan cheese O’So Cheesy.  It comes in three flavors and is on track for greatness!


More about Marji & Her Passion for Cooking 

I thought everything was good in my life. I did what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called “healthy eating”, even paying attention to balancing that food pyramid with all the meat, eggs and dairy prominently featured. As an attorney, I was used to reading, analyzing, and applying knowledge. But when I applied the common guidance, it was not producing the results I wanted – good health, nutrition, energy. Something was very wrong. As I saw my grandmother suffer and die from breast cancer, experienced the anguish of my husband dying in the night from heart failure at 42 years old, and having to decide whether to pull the plug on my own loving, caring mother as she lay in a coma with her lungs deteriorating rapidly, I knew something was wrong.

They all ate the way I was eating. My personal health was also deteriorating. Doctors wanted to cut out my gallbladder because of painful gallstones. That sounded like death to me. I didn’t want to get cut, have my organs removed, take medications, or die. I wanted to be here for my children and to fulfill my purpose. I was not ready to die. And I knew taking the skin off the chicken wasn’t going to cut it.

My sister, a 12+ year vegan at that time, took over my food, feeding me plant-based meals specific to my illness. This process cleared out my gallbladder in 2 weeks! I had no more pain. An ultrasound revealed a normally functioning gallbladder. I began to connect plant-based nutrition and regular exercise to real health, and understand that ingesting meat, dairy and living a sedentary lifestyle connected to illness and death.

During and after my years in the US Army and Air Force, my WHY to change how I ate became clear. I studied in Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program, cooked with top chefs, and dedicated my life to learning HOW to transition the easy, fun way. I would love to share my discoveries with YOU! “Lots of energy, optimal health, re-creating my familiar, comfort foods, and learning about new, yummy foods” are for you too!

My sister and I joined together to form Anything Vegan because we want people to learn to avoid the pains of illnesses, surgeries, low energy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, aches, and untimely death. We want to help people transition with pleasure into a lifestyle of healthy eating delicious vegan foods, exercising, and understanding plant-based food as the real medicine. We love to empower adults and children by teaching how to painlessly transition from a meat-centered diet to a plant-based lifestyle of eating, resulting in high energy, stamina, mental clarity, and vitality – all while enjoying delicious foods.

We believe that anyone that wants a healthy, fun life can have it. We teach you how to love your food as it loves you back through classes, books, lectures and seminars, TV appearances, one-on-one consultations, my sister’s amazing Juice Book, Juice Power for the Thirsty Soul, our new delicious vegan cheese alternatives, and our Anything Vegan transition cookbook coming soon!