Jasmine; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

Jasmine; Co-Founder of Anything Vegan

Co-owner of “Anything Vegan” with her sister Marji; Jasmine is also vegan/vegetarian Chef for Whole Foods Market where she trains chef’s on vegan, vegetarian and raw food preparation and also instructs a monthly VEGAN COOKING CLUB Class. Currently, Jasmine is Co-authoring (with Marji) her next book. A graduate of eCornell University as a Certified Plant Based Nutritionist; Jasmine has worked with Oprah’s former long-time personal Chef Art Smith’s non-profit, “Common Threads” teaching inner-city children about different cultures through food and art. As a former school teacher and personal trainer she is very passionate about reversing the trends of childhood obesity.

Jasmine has maintained a completely plant-based diet for 16 years. “I take exceptional pride in creating the perfect balance between preparing meals that are full of nutrients with amazing flavor and taste.” Jasmine views cooking as great responsibility and art and notes the three ingredients to being a great chef are a passionate spirit, a loving heart and a clear mind.

As Co-Owner of “Anything Vegan” with her Sister (and resident Attorney) Marjorie Simon, the two have very busy but holistic lifestyles. Anything Vegan began in 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico when her sister had a dinner party and invited her attorney colleagues. She planned a menu and every meal on the menu that she prepared, and Jasmine prepared the same meal vegan, complete with fun nutrition information cards. It was an instance success! The party attendees began asking if we could show them how to cook vegan/vegetarian meals that were quick and healthy.

Her Passion for Cooking

Her mothers a culinary flair is where she draws most of her inspiration.  She is the eldest of eight children and loved to cook for her family. Her father, a Trinidadian man who is one of ten children who learned Caribbean cuisine cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen. She learned early in life that love of cooking. This gift has made her passionate, dedicated and creative. Jasmine earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from Spelman College. She also graduated Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico with a B.A in Intercultural Communications and Sociology. Her intercultural communication skills have come in handy during her culinary inspired travels to: Ghana West Africa, Germany, England, Milan Italy, Sydney Australia, many of the U.S virgin Islands and mostly recently her summer 2011, 2-month stay in India! Jasmine’s dedication to learning more about the “healing properties” of food so she studied Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner programs with The Global College of Natural Medicine.

At the age of 18 before Jasmine left New York for college she began learning more about nutrition and she embraced vegetarianism and then veganism – a “phase” that stuck with her for 16 years and counting. While in college she started a campus cooking club and started making vegetarian meals right out of her dorm room! Jasmine enjoys combing all the flavors of African-American Soul Food of her mother and the Caribbean flare from her father’s homeland but making healthier, vegetarian versions of the meals. Meat lovers and vegan alike are always impressed by her vegan dishes.

Her Passion for Health and Wellness

Jasmine earned another degree in Intercultural Communications and traveled all around the world exploring healthy foods of different cultures. In her early 20′s she became increasingly concerned about the obesity (and diet related illness) epidemic in American, so she became a Certified Personal Trainer. She then partnered with local restaurants, churches and schools and taught vegan cooking classes in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. The classes were a success. Her next venture began when she wrote her first book Juice Power, published in 2005 by The Book Publishing Company.

“I recall being so excited when my book first hit the shelves in Borders bookstore, I knew I could not stop there”, she said in an interview. Her book received highest consumer ratings on Borders/Amazon. In 2007 she founded “Phat-Foodz”, a non-profit Health Literacy organization that uses Hip-Hop music, dance and art to teach healthy lifestyle habits to inner-city youth. In 2005 she and two dynamic women co-founded “Women of Wellness” an Atlanta-based private chef company that catered to mostly vegan/vegetarian celebrities and busy high-powered executives.

  • Juice Power, received highest consumer ratings on Amazon/Borders.com (published 2005)
  • Recognized by the American Heart Association for participating in cooking instructor for their Heart Healthy ambassador program. (2006)
  • Featured on the nationally syndicated Michael Baisden show as a nutritional/recipe discussion guest. (2006)
  • Recognized by Mad Ministries for my Juice and 7-Steps to Wellness classes I taught on their “Women healing at Sea” cruise to the Bahamas. (2005)
  • Invited by the then Minister of Health, to speak in West Africa at Ghana’s largest Natural Health Conference (2005)
  • Recognized by Atlanta public school, Dunbar, for the cooking program she created called ‘Project Healthy Parent’ (2003)