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Jasmine Simone

Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist, Healthy Chef, Wellness Lifestyle Community Educator is focused on

~”Making Healthy Living Fun!”

Jasmine has maintained a completely plant-based lifestyle for over 20 years. Jasmine practices and teaches principles to living a fun, balanced vegan lifestyle with lots of energy and love for herself and others. She is co-owner of the health literacy and food-line company ‘Anything Vegan’, with her sister Marji-an attorney, nutrition advocate and dynamic motivational speaker. Prior to launching Anything Vegan Jasmine worked for Whole Foods Market corporate as the Executive Director of WFM Entrepreneur University.  Jasmine and Marji are a  powerhouse duo, affectionately known as the “Anything Vegan Girls”, and are currently co- authoring their next book, releasing Fall 2017 and manufacturing and producing their vegan condiment line “Everything Sauces-for Everybody”- which comes in three great flavors.

Jasmine coined the term “Health Nationalist” which means her ultimate mission is to “Enhance quality of lives by deliberately shifting and positively impacting the cultural narrative of what it means to be healthy in communities of color, who traditionally suffer from the greatest rates of diet-related illnesses.” Jasmine has worked with Oprah’s former long-time personal Chef Art Smith’s non-profit organization, “Common Threads” teaching inner-city children who live in food deserts about different cultures from around the world, through food preparation and building kitchen skills. As a former school teacher Jasmine is very passionate about reversing the trends of childhood obesity. She believes that teaching good nutrition habits early in life creates a positive, life-long, and generational impact.

Fascinated with the socio-cultural impact of how people around the world communicate through food, she also studied Intercultural Communications and Sociology at the University of New Mexico with a B.A, graduating Cum Laude. Her intercultural communication skills have proven valuable during her personal and culinary inspired travels around the world. She has traveled to Ghana, Benin, Togo, Germany, England, Italy, Australia, Israel, Trinidad (where her family is from) & many of the Caribbean Islands. She also studied wellness and yoga in India with the renowned Dr. Pratish. Due to an intense interest in learning and teaching about the healing properties of food she also studied at The Global College of Natural Medicine in the Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner programs.

Additionally, she earned her Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University’s T-Collin Foundation.  She completed the Truly Living Well, Urban Agricultural bootcamp, an in-depth intensive course on how to plant, grow and harvest food.  In 2016, she was offered a merit scholarship from Emory University’s School of Public Health-study Prevention Science and peruses her Masters degree while buidling Anything Vegan. She plans to use this degree to implement national and global nutritional policy changes. Jasmine is a life-long learner who hones her natural gifts and talents through consistent study, travel, and self-improvement. Her purpose and passion in life are the same… helping people heal and have fun through food.