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Feb 24, 2014 by Jasmine Simone Category: General Blog 1 comment

Can you believe it’s almost March! Now that 2014 is well underway, how many of you are still going strong with your New Year healthier you resolutions? Are you still exercising every day? Are you whipping up delicious, healthy meals that provide you energy, stamina, clarity and that sexy new body?

The truth is, 95% of people who make resolutions abandon them by January 15. It’s challenging enough to achieve an important goal. And to do it today — a time of massive, unprecedented challenges — is an even bigger problem.

But, as Marji explains in this incredible new video, where there’s challenges, there are also clear, easy steps to get LASTING RESULTS like never before. 

Amid all the constant unhealthy stuff around us, here’s how you can turn frustration into opportunity for lasting success. Fill out your info below to find out how:


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You’ll learn…

  • The 3 Action steps you can take right now to keep your resolutions (it’s how to start and BEGIN;
  • Why taking these easy steps will CHANGE YOUR LIFE;
  • The strategies that led us to being healthy, sexy, and energetic without yucky diets.



Soon you too will say… Anything You Can Make I Can Make Vegan!

Marji & Jasmine


P.S.: This is just the first message in a four-part series. Stay tuned for Part Two, featuring an exclusive download from AV’s NEW Motivational Cooking series! Hangout with us and our awesome fans on Facebook to be notified first when it goes LIVE!

P.P.S.: Want more? This FREE ebook 10 Sneaky Ways To Veganize Your Family’s Plate includes additional strategies for success and results in 2014 NOT JUST FOR YOU BUT FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS WELL. Download it here.

  1. jquery google apiJuly 31, 2015   

    Thanks for finally writing about > It’s Not Too Late to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True!!!

    | Anything Vegan < Loved it!

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