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Jun 06, 2015 by Jasmine Simone Category: General Blog 0 comments

may-ezineGrowing up we’ve all heard people talk about the issues they’re dealing with because “it runs in my family.” Seldom are they discussing anything good. They’re usually explaining away diseases of the body or mind, weight issues, difficulties in money, relationships or jobs/business. But decades of research has found that these issues are actually the results of what runs in families, not the causes. The top 7 Killers that are often passed generation to generation, causing diabetes, heart disease, are what I refer to as the “Uns”. How many of these “Uns” have you seen your parents struggle with? How many are trying to take you out today? Are they attacking your children right now?

  • Un-Exercise (couch potato)
    – You win! By walking, playing, working out
  • Un-Healthy (poor eating habits) Click here for a chocolaty, nutty, yummy, healthy “UN” recipe!
    – You win! By taking control by enjoying lots of vegetables, fruits, water, whole grains
  • Un-Belief (fear and doubt)
    – You win! By getting confident by trusting in your Creator and in yourself to deliver results
  • Un-Imagination (defeated by “what is”)
    – You win! By sparking creativeness by practicing “seeing” what you want to materialize
  • Un-Gratefulness (counting what’s lacking)
    – You win! By counting 5 specific good things every morning to appreciate your life
  • Un-Positive Thinking (negative thinking, beating yourself up mentally)
    – You win! By teaching your brain to look for the silver lining in every situation
  • Un-Positive Words (negative words, speaking about “what I don’t want”)
    – You win! By training your tongue to speak encouragement and of your desire as if it already is.

If any of the 7 “Uns” have taken hold of you, don’t despair. You are powerful and have what it takes to win! Start RIGHT NOW to do the “YOU WIN!” actions to make amazing things “run in your family” from now on: Great health, abundant wealth, long life, super energy, clear vision and purpose fulfilled.

YOU are the beginning of great life “running in your family”! Want some assistance getting started? Email us at Eat@anythingVegan.com for your FREE e-book detailing the next steps to take, and get your complimentary assessment too (a $200 value)! BONUS!!! Click here for a chocolaty, nutty, yummy, healthy “UN” recipe!

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