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We “The Anything Vegan Girls” are supportive of and passionate about many causes and community empowerment initiatives and do our best to contribute to them all. Among these causes are animal welfare, environmental sustainability, mentoring and fresh food advocacy. At the root of our core value lives the idea and practice of giving back/paying it forward. This burning desire to give back has manifested in our creating “Cool Kids Cook Consciously”

And here’s why:

The goal of CKCC is to significantly impact food desert communities by reversing the rates and incidences of preventable diet-related diseases. Our past, present and future work focuses on food advocacy through creating hands-on, real-time, tangible outcomes CKCC is a part of a comprehensive plan to make healthy eating accessible in food deserts and simultaneously “cool” and socially acceptable, especially among the youth. The problem in Brownsville is similar to many communities of color. It’s not enough to give a child living in a food desert a carrot stick and tell him that eating more carrots will help prevent him or her from facing a pre-mature death and diet-related diseases. The threat of becoming a statistic is not the best proven method of plant-based eating integration. The most natural way is to present the meals centered on fresh-fruits and vegetables in ways that appeal emotionally and psychologically to the communities being addressed. For example, we help residence learn how to turn a seemingly unappetizing carrot stick into delectable curry carrot stew or transform garden grown broccoli crowns into a savory, mouthwatering creamy broccoli casserole, they learn to live and not die pre-maturely from a preventable diet-related disease. CKCC provides a holistic health education that increases their capacity to heal and empower themselves. Knowing how to cook affordable, healthy meals and eat to live on a practical level may save time and money on future hospital stays and medical bills.