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Sweet Potato, Beet and Quinoa Sliders

We are in love with this recipe, perfect vegan alternative for July 4th! Check out the video and then grab the recipe below. Enjoy!

Red Bean Everything Burger

We have a new recipe! Check out the gorgeous photos first in our video, then get the recipe below. You can easily print the recipe to make it at home! Enjoy.

“It Runs In My Family”: The Top 7 Killers We MUST Beat

may-ezineGrowing up we’ve all heard people talk about the issues they’re dealing with because “it runs in my family.” Seldom are they discussing anything good. They’re usually explaining away diseases of the body or mind, weight issues, difficulties in money, relationships or jobs/business. But decades of research has found that these issues are actually the results of what runs in families, not the causes. The top 7 Killers that are often passed generation to generation, causing diabetes, heart disease, are what I refer to as the “Uns”. How many of these “Uns” have you seen your parents struggle with? How many are trying to take you out today? Are they attacking your children right now?

  • Un-Exercise (couch potato)
    – You win! By walking, playing, working out
  • Un-Healthy (poor eating habits) Click here for a chocolaty, nutty, yummy, healthy “UN” recipe!
    – You win! By taking control by enjoying lots of vegetables, fruits, water, whole grains
  • Un-Belief (fear and doubt)
    – You win! By getting confident by trusting in your Creator and in yourself to deliver results
  • Un-Imagination (defeated by “what is”)
    – You win! By sparking creativeness by practicing “seeing” what you want to materialize
  • Un-Gratefulness (counting what’s lacking)
    – You win! By counting 5 specific good things every morning to appreciate your life
  • Un-Positive Thinking (negative thinking, beating yourself up mentally)
    – You win! By teaching your brain to look for the silver lining in every situation
  • Un-Positive Words (negative words, speaking about “what I don’t want”)
    – You win! By training your tongue to speak encouragement and of your desire as if it already is.

If any of the 7 “Uns” have taken hold of you, don’t despair. You are powerful and have what it takes to win! Start RIGHT NOW to do the “YOU WIN!” actions to make amazing things “run in your family” from now on: Great health, abundant wealth, long life, super energy, clear vision and purpose fulfilled.

YOU are the beginning of great life “running in your family”! Want some assistance getting started? Email us at for your FREE e-book detailing the next steps to take, and get your complimentary assessment too (a $200 value)! BONUS!!! Click here for a chocolaty, nutty, yummy, healthy “UN” recipe!

Decadently Delicious UN Bars

Anything Vegan UN-bars

You may think a snack with “un” at the beginning would be unappetizing, but these bars are anything but! They are healthy and delicious and perfect for a day hike, an afternoon pick-me-up, or an after school snack. Just make sure that your nuts are unsalted–that’s when you’ll get the best nutrients from the nuts. Enjoy!

Mother’s Day – Food and Family Anything Vegan Style

Easy Elegant Anything Vegan Chicken Marsala

This month marked the 100th anniversary of the celebration of Mother’s Day. The celebration of the Director of Operations for the family – a.k.a. ‘MOM” – is a cherished ritual.

Mother’s Day gives her that something special back. That something is a special message “We see what you do for us. Thank you. You are appreciated. You are loved.” This day also reinforces the bond between mother and child, and exhibits the admiration of the spouse or partner.

It’s Not Too Late to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True!!!

Can you believe it’s almost March! Now that 2014 is well underway, how many of you are still going strong with your New Year healthier you resolutions? Are you still exercising every day? Are you whipping up delicious, healthy meals that provide you energy, stamina, clarity and that sexy new body?

The truth is, 95% of people who make resolutions abandon them by January 15. It’s challenging enough to achieve an important goal. And to do it today — a time of massive, unprecedented challenges — is an even bigger problem.

But, as Marji explains in this incredible new video, where there’s challenges, there are also clear, easy steps to get LASTING RESULTS like never before. 

Amid all the constant unhealthy stuff around us, here’s how you can turn frustration into opportunity for lasting success. Fill out your info below to find out how:


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You’ll learn…

  • The 3 Action steps you can take right now to keep your resolutions (it’s how to start and BEGIN;
  • Why taking these easy steps will CHANGE YOUR LIFE;
  • The strategies that led us to being healthy, sexy, and energetic without yucky diets.



Soon you too will say… Anything You Can Make I Can Make Vegan!

Marji & Jasmine


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Apple-Almond Buttery Vegan Pancakes

Apple-Almond Buttery Vegan Pancakes

Looking for a delicious, vegan alternative to traditional pancakes? Look no further! You won’t want to go back after you’ve had these amazing pancakes.

Stuff Me Vegan Sensuous Stuffing

Stuff Me Vegan Sensuous Stuffing

In November all across America, thoughts turn to Thanksgiving dinner. That wonderful meal with flavorful foods shared with family and friends is very special to me because that was the day I was born.

Since becoming vegan, my sister and I have created hundreds of recipes so we can fully enjoy all the savory foods we grew up on. And the best part is – this food is both healthy AND delicious! Truly, “Anything You Can Make, I Can Make Vegan™”!

Today we’re making our “Stuff Me Vegan Sensuous Stuffing”. You can vary some ingredients from the ones I used in this recipe and amounts don’t have to be exact – feel free to make it your own.

“Excuse me, do you have ANYTHING VEGAN?” Taste of DC

“Excuse me, do you have ANYTHING VEGAN?” ~Taste of DC 

By  Vegan Chef Jasmine, Anything Vegan Co-Founder- Sunday Oct. 12, 2013

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“Excuse me do you have ANYTHING VEGAN?”  This was the question Anything Vegan asked all day Sunday on our vegan grub prowl at Taste of D.C.  We found a few good hits like this Authentic Greek vegan, gluten-free salad dressing formulated by restaurant Athens Grill/Angeli Gourmet owner Anna Maria Angelakis. When I tasted it I had a flashback,  in 2008 I ate at this little Greek Restaurant in Australia when I bit into my portobello salad wrap I was hit with a remarkable burst of flavors that I will always remember and never tasted again…until Sunday at Taste of D.C, this dressing taste like Greece in a bottle!Athens Grill

We also found a few misses like the donut place (name omitted to protect the innocent) when asked, “Excuse me do you have ANYTHING VEGAN” one employee replied by saying “We don’t believe a truly good donut can be made vegan.” (Sidebar: Seriously? I think our friends over at Sticky Fingers Bakery would rightfully disagree.  I’m just saying.)

Moving on, so the day was cool but not raining (a good sign since it had been pouring for the past three days).

Here’s Anything Vegan’s:  2013 Vegan Grub Prowl List of Taste of D.C.

Looking for a meal that taste like home…but not your home where you have to cook and clean-up.  A meal that taste like it was made at the home of your friend who has a mom who is an incredible Ethiopian Chef and this mom cooked for  two days and two nights  to create the perfect soul satisfying meal that makes you feel like you are sharing a meal with family and friends in Addias Ababa.  Well if you are looking for that meal, yup THAT MEAL, stop by ETETE ETHIOPIAN CUISINE ON 9TH STREET N.W. DC.  I feasted on a plate of lentils, greens and a sambusa (a triangular pastry roll filled with lentil, green pepper, jalapeno and onion).

Etete Ethipopian Cuisine Plate of  Greens, Lentils, SombusaEtete Ethipopian Cuisine Card Flag

Honorable Mentions: Union Kitchen:  filled with restaurants and shops offering lots of vegan grub options.  Such as:


 INDIQUE HEIGHTSIndian Cuisine  Inidque Heights Foods Created by RestaurateursSurfy Rahman and Chef K.N. Vinod 

Right blend of spices…taste like India in DC

CHAYA:  Tacos & more!Owners Bettina and Suzanne wanted Anything Vegan folks to know that they are very vegan friendly and can make Anything Vegan, just ask!  Union Kitchen Presents Chaya They offer restaurant concept with an emphasis on vegetarian fresh Mexican cuisine.  Find Chaya chefs making these tasty tacos at:Union Kitchen and the White House farmers market (810 Vermont Ave. NW) Chaya-Vegan Friendly!
GONE NATIVE FOODS: Founded by Anna Vita Lee~Vegan Tomato     Sauce that taste so fresh, because it is!  Gone Native Fresh Sauce Tomato sauce that uses fresh tomatoes…seems so obvious you think more companies would do it.  Well here’s one “Gone Native Foods” that’s doing it right!  This sauce is fresh, locally sources and tastes literally worlds away from the common tomato sauce made with canned tomatoes.Find Gone Native at:  Union Kitchen and Whole Foods Market

 Other great Vegan Grub at Taste of DC: Snacks, Places and Items to stock your fridge


Woodlands Vegan BistroWoodlands Vegan Bistro Woodlands served upa plate of vegan goodness! Umm yeah I was FULL!Woodlands Food Photo - Copy Morning Star Farms Chef:  Feeding the people at Taste of DC: and yes we ARE aware that it includes vegetarian but you have to start somewhere and plenty of people were lining up to taste vegetarian food for the first time! #ExposureMorning Star Farms Chef


 Last but not least the Sabra Hummus Team was hilarious!  They offer great  snack packs to grab & go!

Sabra Hummas


Written for Anything Vegan LLC. by  Jasmine Simon, Anything Vegan Co-Founder:  Wish to republish? Go right ahead no problem!  Just send us an email at: and let us know! Thanks.

Super Food Vegan Herb Garden Burger

Herb Burger

To truly get the most out of your food, make sure it has lots of super foods cooked in. Here’s one of our favorite herb burgers that packs a healthy punch!

To learn more about how to cook quinoa, check out our instructions in our Caramelized Vegan Sausage Served Over Quinoa and Kale recipe.